About Us

What is Accessible Jordan? 

Whether you have a mobility impairment, are a senior citizen, or have a baby you push around in a stroller, sometimes you want to go to a place without having to worry about whether or not they have stairs, ramps or elevators for easy access. It is very difficult to find places that are equipped and accessible around Jordan but when you do it's like winning a prize!

Accessible Jordan serves as a guide to all places accessible around Amman and other tourist destinations in Jordan whether you're looking for a place to eat, a museum or gallery to visit, a tourist attraction to check out, an event to attend or more!

We also work with businesses, organization and individuals to improve the accessibility of their spaces, events and experiences. 

By bringing attention to places that are accessible, we hope to encourage and work with more places to improve their accessibility and become inclusive for all. 


Raise Awareness:

We want to raise awareness about the challenges people with disabilities face when it comes to lack of accessibility and how it hinders their full inclusion in society. We also want to highlight how improving accessibility will help more than just people with disabilities. 

Improve Accessibility:

We want to help improve the accessibility of spaces by offering solutions to accessibility issues, including working on the accessibility of workspaces, homes, restaurants, events, tourism sites and more.

Create A National Accessibility Database:

We want to create a database of all places accessible around Jordan to make it easier for people to find the places they can access depending on their needs.