websiteicons-02.jpg GET VERIFIED!
There are over 33,000 places in the Accessible Jordan database. If you want your place to come up first in search results, be easier to find and stand out as meeting the Accessible Jordan’s accessibility requirements, request our team to visit, assess and verify your place's accessibility and you will get the verified symbol next to your place's name!
 websiteicons-07.jpg CONSULTATION
Do you need help making your place, event or experience accessible? Accessible Jordan provides a variety of services to help you improve your home, business or event’s accessibility. We can visit your place, assess it, and provide you with recommendations and a detailed accessibility report. We can also help connect you with the right people to implement these recommendations. This will help your increase your ratings on our website, reach more people and grow your customer or client base.
 websiteicons-04.jpg MARKETING & ADVERTISING
Want to reach more locals and tourists and grow your customer base? Let’s collaborate! Use our website, social media platform and newsletters to advertise and market your accessible place, event or experience.
 websiteicons-03.jpg SUPPORT
We can help provide needed support to make your event accessible. If you’re looking for support such as sign language interpreters, material in Braille, or assistance for people with physical disabilities, contact us. If you have a business that offers various types of experiences, we can provide the necessary support to make them accessible to everyone.
 websiteicons-06.jpg TRAININGS & WORKSHOPS
Accessible Jordan offers trainings and workshops on disability, accessibility and inclusion.