Mountain Breeze Resort - Jalad


The Mountain Breeze Resort aims to take you back to nature for you to enjoy quality time in the heart of one of Jordan’s unique areas of outstanding natural beauty. Nestled in the beautiful Jalad Mountains near Zai, The Mountain Breeze Resort offers the perfect retreat for anyone wishing to experience unspoiled nature. The resort features quality lodging, dining and an ever expanding list of outdoor activities,which are available for visitors and overnight guests alike. Activities include paintball, beach volleyball, archery and more. ​

The restaurant area in the resort is wheelchair accessible but the activity areas are not very accessible. Also, unfortunately, the lodges are not wheelchair accessible. If you are a wheelchair user, it is great to visit the resort for the day and enjoy a meal with an incredible view. ​ 


Phone #: 0796382828

For more information on its accessibilty, click here.