Aya Aghabi

My name is Aya Aghabi. ​I am the type of person who loves to go out and discover new places around Jordan with friends and family. In 2009, I was in a car accident that left me with a physical disability and that's when I realized the lack of accessibility and accessibility resources in Jordan. Every time I wanted to go out in Amman, it became a hassle to try and find a place that is accessible and I would have to call place after place to ask if they have stairs, ramps or elevators. There was nowhere I could look online to find out the accessibility of places. I would sit on my laptop for an hour going through Google images of places to figure out if they are accessible or not.

I moved to Berkeley, California, in 2010 to study at UC Berkeley and found it much easier to navigate throughout the city because all the information about accessibility was easily found online. I had the best experience living there because planning my day and where to go was so simple. Because of this experience, I decided to start this website to make it easier and faster for people to find places that are easy to access around Amman and other cities in Jordan. 

If you have a mobility impairment, a broken leg, a child you need to push in a stroller, or any other circumstance that only allows you to go to places with easy accessibility, I want you to know all the best options of places you can go to around Jordan. You don't have to be stuck at home!​

My hope is that this website encourages the Jordanian government and all business owners to work on the accessibility of spaces to make Jordan inclusive for all people. I also hope that this website will make it easier for people with disabilities from all around the world to come and visit Jordan. 

I also hope this website helps you do all that you wish to do in Jordan!

Best wishes,

Aya Aghabi

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