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Cafe Italia

Accessibility Features:

  • Accessible bathroom
  • Accessible parking
  • Valet available
  • Accessible seating (ex. not stools)

Accessibility description:

Cafe Italia is located in The Boulevard inside of Arjaan by Rotana and is accessible from the main street entrance of Arjaan, underground parking and inside The Boulevard. All seating areas are accessible. It is equipped with a ramp inside and has an accessible bathroom as well.


  • Italian Cuisine / Restaurant
  • Providing Internet Access
  • Serving Alcohol
  • Coffee Shops, Cafes Serving Non Alcohol Drinks
  • Seating, Casual Dining
  • Coffee Shops, Cafes Serving Food
  • Coffee Shops, Cafes Serving Alcohol
  • Mid 11-20JD
  • Smoking is Allowed
  • Has Outdoor Area
  • Credit Card Accepted
  • Coffee Shops, Cafes Have Outdoor Area
  • Coffee Shops, Cafes Accept Credit Card
  • No Smoking Area
  • Coffee Shops, Cafes Providing Internet Access Wi Fi
  • Coffee Shops, Cafes Serving Snacks, Sweets, Ice Cream & Pastries
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